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honey, i shrunk your wife natalie wonder clips

Guess what I-ve done. I-ve shrunk your wife. I have her in the palm of my hand. She is teeny tiny and oh so scared. Haha, that bitch! She is petrified right now. Look at how tiny and insignificant she is now. My big mouth so close to her little body. She can-t even begin to believe that her actual husband has such a twisted fantasy. To see his beloved wife shrunken into a tiny helpless speck. I had great pleasure in shrinking her. Your wife has always been so jealous of me. Deep down she knows you prefer me to her. Oh the things I can do to her body. My mouth alone can crush her in an instant. But I want to see her suffer first, gasp for air as I smother her head inside my dark, smelly asshole. Oh I bet you cannot wait to see me stuff your tiny wife into my big, wonderful ass. Or how about shoving her body in between my meaty, juicy pussy lips as I masturbate. I-ll cum all over that little stupid bitch-s face and body. Hahaha. And you are going to love every second of watching me have my way with your itty bitty wife.

published11th, Mar '19
updated 22nd, Jun '20
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